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on right here because 25 minutes ago we saw that aircraft land here. on board is believed some of the accused spies who lived in russia but worked for the u.s. government -- their roles are being debated right now, but they are here now on american soil and ending a significant chapter in espionage. on the tarmac in vienna, austria, cameras captured a true spy swap. the russian plane on the left and the u.s. on the right and both taking off. \ russian tv. the arrivals live. three men accused of spying for
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the u.s. and one headed for london. they include a researcher, two former russian military members and a kgb officers. prosecutors say this does not mean a message has not been sent. >> if you come to america to spy on americans, he will be arrested. >> as for their children born here, all are either in russia or on the way. some of the accused still proclaim their innocence, like the new york on trip nor threw her attorney. -- new york entrepreneur. >> she always was a businesswoman. >> what is amazing is that all of this has happened in less than two weeks, perhaps because
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the u.s. had been planning for it. white house officials say the u.s. had been considering a spy swap as early as june 11. reporting live at dulles airport, scott famine. -- scott thuman. all of the children of the russian spies are said to be in russia. the massachusetts couple has a 20-year-old son and there is no word on whether he will stay in russia. >> as president obama talks about the economy he is also getting in campaign mode. >> my attitude is that if an american company brent -- wants to create jobs, we should help them do it. >> the president is calling on congress to have a clean energy
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tax credit increase. he told a crowd this could create up to 40,000 jobs. yesterday he was in missouri. the security council condemned a deadly attack on a south korean warship. it failed to directly name north korea for the incident. 46 south korea and sailors were killed in the attack. north korea threatened military action if the council condemned itself over the incident. they call for appropriate measures to be taken against those responsible. major developments in the attempt to stop the oil spill. a new cap could be in place by monday, but the disaster is far from over. richard reid is live from our newsroom. >> will this new cap hold?
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they want to replace it with a new one. the battle to save beaches and the wildlife goes on. after 81 days and millions of gallons of oil, a new cap could be in place by monday. >> our first goal would be to shut the well. >> if it works the pollution could be halted for the first time since april 20. >> [unintelligible] >> in panama city, volunteers are digging up sea turtle eggs. they will be shipped to the atlantic. >> cleanup crews in texas are finding not just tar balls, but an oily substance that covers everything. >> we got this on our feet. >> this airship is heading to
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new orleans to help assess damage. a new land bridge is keeping oil from part of the the louisiana shore line. >> look at that oil. this was open water a few days ago. >> it is an ongoing task. we are cleaning tar balls. >> bp hopes to have a third ship to contain oil by sunday. it could double the amount of captured oil. the permanent solution, a relief well is being drilled as we speak. >> we are finally getting a break from the extreme heat. steve is in the weather center with the where the storms will arrive. >> we are watching thunderstorms approaching from the west. the cold front will move across
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the area through the overnight hours. this is where the rain is located right now up across the shenandoah into the panhandle of maryland. we will look for showers to become more numerous in the overnight hours. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning to the west of the seed there will be some sort of -- to the west of d.c. 1 inch of rain by the time the system moves out of here. look for a chance of an isolated thunderstorm, but otherwise partly sunny. there is a cool down and warm up on the way. >> coming up, why "wonder woman" was involved in a court case. >> why a metro train was on the wrong tracks. >> how well have local bars gun
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during the world cup?
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a close call for metro after a train went on to the wrong tracks. a passenger noticed the train was going the wrong way.
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metro says it happened while maintenance was under way. an employee in reprinted the train on to the orange line. changes are coming to the blue line. one-third of their trains will be rerouted next summer. they will also be added -- new trains will also be added during peak hours. people should expect longer rides. >> actress lynda altman is off the hook after she allowed her dogs to disturb her neighbors with the parking. she was found not guilty of an infraction. an officer issued a citation after a neighbor complained. her attorney says the case was dismissed because of lack of evidence. >> there is one thing that is
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good for local bars. >> the rain is under way. we have when the storms might arrive. >> they are pushing for the playoffs and how they will use stephen strasburg. lebron james r. arrives in his new home, but not everyone is happy -- he arrives in his new home. my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. they're juicier. more colorful. they're perfect. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables, at prices you'll love. this week, enjoy strawberries, and orchard perfect peaches, 99 cents a pound. my grandfather would be very proud, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card.
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>> the world cup has kicked business into high gear for local bars. >> when the u.s. was playing it was up there with st. patrick's day. >> the ireland's four courts has seen a lot of business. >> in dublin they are soccer crazy, but it was not as crazy as here. >> many places have seen three times as many customers. it has gotten so crowded they have had to turn customers away. >> we were closed.
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i was standing out here. >> bars and restaurants have been filled to capacity. that is 300 customers. this owner says it is a big risk in this economy. >> the world cup was huge. >> many say the excitement has defied expectations. it is the main attraction and this atmosphere has drawn even larger crowds. >> it is the energy that has made the business better. >> most owners saw the biggest business during u.s. games, but crowds have grown with every spanish victory. the world cup frenzy has even seeped into the menu. the psychic octopus has predicted victories for spain from the start. >> or octopus has been taken off
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the menu. i'm sure he is happy he has been taken off the menu. he made his choice for the winner today. he correctly pick every game germany played in. he has chosen spain to beat the netherlands. his home country will compete in the third-place game. >> we might have a little [unintelligible] >> better days ahead. we need the rain. the timing is a little off. clouds have been growing. this is part of the cold front that will move across the area during the early morning hours, bringing us much-needed rain.
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we will start off with our time lapse. we have clouds that have rolled across the area. we have seen thunderstorms to the west of d.c. the dew point in the lower 70's. if your travel plans are taking you to the beach, 77 degrees right now. we do have storms on the way it for tomorrow. off to the west is where the heavier showers are located. petersburg looking at a few showers, but no warnings. we do have a flash flood advisory in a fact. here is what is going on, at 93 degrees. another above average day at reagan national airport. 104 was a record set in 1936. 91 for hagerstown.
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look at the cooler air. 71 for pittsburgh. the -- behind this cold front temperatures will cool. humidity levels will come in again monday and tuesday. this area of low pressure continues to spin off the coast. that is why we have the showers across the del marva. those storms have fizzled out. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch. locally, we could see upwards of two inches of rain up and down the east coast. high pressure settles back through the mid atlantic. for the overnight hours, scattered showers and storms. temperatures will fall into the 70's. temperatures around 78 degrees.
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by the afternoon, 80-85. the storms leave the region late tomorrow afternoon from west to east. we will look for skies to clear nicely on sunday. lower 90's on monday and tuesday. a nighttime low around 70 degrees. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. stephen strasburg on the mound tonight. >> it should be fun. there is no quit in the nationals. the manager says they are serious about making a push for the playoffs. because of that, they have come up with a strategy on how they will use their best pitcher after the all-star break. he will pitch every fifth game,
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but will only have 10 more starts before they shut him down. >> we could give stephen a lot of extra rest. but we are going to send those out as quick as possible and give the ball club the best chance to win. >> [unintelligible] and have him throw the less he can. >> the decision is made. everybody knows that lebron james will be playing for the miami heat. he is already settling in at his new home. he arrived early to take part in celebrations. fans are happy in miami. a different story in cleveland. the cavaliers honor wrote a letter to fans and did not bite his tongue.
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you simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly the trail. he will be taking the curse with him down south. couch. hopefully the curse will pash over washington -- ouch. the wizards are trying to put together something good at the verizon center. the wizards announced their newest player. >> they officially introduce their new player today. he was acquired from the nets' last month. he was the sixth pick in the 2007 draft and averaged 12 points and seven rebounds. he shows promise andy is a component to the blizzard sion front court. >> he has a great free-throw. you want to put the ball in the guy's hands. for us, it was an unbelievable
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move. >> where he will fit and is still up in the air. the coach says he could play three or four. thank you so much. at nationals park it should be an exciting playoff atmosphere. stephen strasburg on the mound taking on the san francisco giants. >> nice and warm down there? >> it is nice and warm. >> a great night for a game. >> the white house launched a campaign to counter attack -- to suggest president obama is anti business. >> in a move to silence critics, the administration pushed back with a pause that pro-business methods. the objective is boosting economic growth.
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ron emmanuel defended the president's agenda. -- rahm emanuel. i hope they can retake control of the narrative. i hope they can retake control of the narrative.
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>> a nice night for a football game at nationals park. >> that is okay. we will get a feel for football whether it's moral. >> the heat has affected my brain. [laughter] >> here is a look at the extended outlook. much-needed rain across the mid atlantic will see temperatures in the low 90's on sunday. enjoy the game tonight. >> stephen strasburg playing
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